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Full Setup from £30

Floating Vibrato* 5

12 String +£10

Evertune +£10

Double Locking Vibrato** +£15

Includes setting the neck relief, string action, and intonation

(as well as fretboard oiling and fret polish when restringing)

*Fender 2-point, PRS, Musicman, etc

**Floyd Rose, Kahler, Edge Zero, etc


Custom Wiring, Electronic Repairs, Parts Installation

£30/hr contact for rough quote

Everything from fixing faulty components and upgrading pickups all the way up to fully custom wiring with coil taps, series/parallel switching, phase reversal...

Installation of a nut, machine heads, bridge saddle, scratch plate, strap buttons... you name it!

Fret Levelling from £120

Includes levelling , crowning, and polishing the frets

(as well as a full setup of the guitar)

Ernie Ball Strings £10 

Super Slinky 9-42

Hybrid Slinky 9-46

Regular Slinky 10-46

Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 10-52

Power Slinky 11-48
Earthwood 80/20 Acoustic 11-52

I can also order in other gauges, brands, and bass strings upon request


"Jaz is a great and knowledgeable guy, always very friendly. Also his prices are very good, I would recommend him to anybody!" - Dan Parry

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