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About Sussex Guitar Setups

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Sussex Guitar Setups is an independent local business offering a multitude of guitar maintenance services. As a setups specialist, my interest is to help get the most out of your existing instrument within your budget, rather than sell you a new one!

Founded upon years of setting up and modifying my own instruments, and subsequently those of my musician friends, Sussex Guitar Setups is a small, home run business with the aim of providing professional instrument care at an affordable price.


The work I do includes, but is not limited to: full setups, electronic repairs/replacements, pickup upgrades, custom wiring, fret levelling/crowning/polishing, nut and bridge saddle installation. If there is any other work, not listed, that you want done, please do enquire!

Guitar rack
Gibson SJ200

"Jaz did a great job on several of my guitars, he also recommended and installed affordable upgrades that really brought them to the next level" - Tom Holmes

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